The V3 Image Processing Board (vision board) is designed to capture, process and display NTSC or PAL video images. The design allows it to be incorporated easily into robotic applications or used as a standalone processing board. The video, serial, and power connectors are all located at one edge of the board to simplify cable routing. A high efficiency on board regulator converts 8-24 VDC input to the required 3.3V and 1.8V.

The new design requires under 3W. The size of V3 is approximately 56% of the previous design. Despite the smaller footprint, an additional video input connector was added, and all of the main connectors were placed along one side of the board.

To reduce power consumption, only 3.3V I/O components were selected. The processor uses 3.3V I/O to interface with the other components, and a 1.8V core voltage, for further a reduction in power consumption.


Main Processor: TMS320C6202GJL-200
Memory: 64Mbit SDRAM (512k x 32), 8Mbit Flash (1M x 8)
Video Decoder/Scaler: SAA7114H
Video Encoder: ADV7171
Dimensions: 15.8 mm x 78 mm
Input Power: 3W, 8-24VDC

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