The mechanical architecture of SECT II* provides it with incredible mobility. It can move in a very challenging terrain, overcome vertical obstacles twice the size of its wheels, and it can even climb stairs.

The SECT II robot is an ideal platform for outdoor navigation research and development and for testing innovative sensing technologies.


The passive mechanical configuration is the key innovating factor of this robot: it does not "know" that it is climbing an obstacle. Instead, it simply advances and lets its mechanical structure adapt to the terrain profile. There are no sensors or actuators in the robot, except for the motorized wheels and their speed control.

Powered by 6 motors integrated inside its wheels and steered by two servos, this robot can turn on the spot. It is constructed of anodized aluminum and the modular electronics allow an interface through an RS232 bus.

SECT II is an ideal platform for developing navigation solutions for challenging environments. Little calculation power is needed for platform stability, and the mechanics of the robot takes care of the rest.


Overall dimensions 622mm x 420mm x 222mm (LxWxH)
Total weight 5.4 kg (with a battery pack)
Ground Clearance 154mm, 130 mm (with batteries placed under payload)
Steering radius 0 mm
Lateral stability 37 degrees
Max stability angles 40 degrees pitch, 40 degrees roll
Payload Max 3 kg
Maximum speed 0.5 m/sec
Material Anodized Aluminum
Consumption 40 W maximum / 20 W standard
Input power 12 V DC/6A
Battery 12V / 3000 mAh
Motorization 6 DC motors (12V) + encoder (16 pulses/rotation)+ gear 1:86
2 Servos FUTABA S9304
Autonomy 1-3 hours depending on terrain and payload

* SECT II is called Shrimp III by BlueBotics SA.

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