MERV* is an ideal robotic platform for both industrial applications and academic research. It is also available with optional ANT technology. It is constructed with all components of high industrial quality.

The mobile base MERV is designed for fully autonomous navigation in a dynamic environment crowded with humans, this mobile platform is the fruit of years of experience of robot designers and researchers.


MERV brings mobile robotics to the level of maturity and reliability required by industrial applications.

Specifically designed for fully autonomous navigation in very dynamic environments, this platform is well adapted for the transportation of lightweight goods between automated stocks. It can also very well be used for production or assembly lines, even if the processes include human workers.

Moreover, full integration with IT logistic solutions can be easily considered due to the extended wireless communication capacities of this platform.

Industrial applications of the MERV platform with ANT covers a wide domain of sectors, such as:
  • Transportation from stock to production or assembly lines
  • Distributing pharmaceutic products in hospitals
  • Transportation of samples in clean rooms and biotech facilities
  • Delivery of documents in administrative offices
  • Inspections of contaminated area in nuclear power plants or chemical industries
  • Security Surveillance of buildings and factories

Alternatively, MERV can be used as an autonomous base for highly interactive robots in museums, exhibitions or trade fairs.


Diameter 70 cm (94 cm with shock absorber)
Height 70 cm
Weight 100 kg
Payload 50 kg
Translation Speed Up to 1 m/s
Rotation Speed Up to 360 degrees/s
Autonomy Up to 12 hours
  • Differential drive
  • Two high torque EC motors with a 500 pulse/turn encoder
  • 1:50 harmonic drive gears
  • Two castor wheels (one with suspension) for stabilization
  • Four VRLA (Valve-Regulated Lead Acid) batteries
  • Up to 12 hours autonomy
  • 2 SICK LMS-200 laser scanners
  • High-resolution wheel encoders
  • 8 full-body tactile zones
  • Optional NTSC and PAL frame grabber
Computational Resources
  • Motorola PPC750 controller
  • Intel PIII controller
  • Microchip PIC for redundant security supervisor
  • Analogue and digital I/Os
Communication Wireless connection (IEEE 802.11)

* MERV is called MB835 by BlueBotics SA.

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