LABO-4 robot, the latest model in the popular LABO series, is an intelligent robot platform with high payload which can be configured for a wide range of experiments and real-world applications. As in other LABO models, it has a flat payload surface for serious mobile experiments and on-board applications. With its two powerful motors and low center of gravity, LABO-4 operates very smoothly indoors and outdoors over varied terrains. Other features include 25.5 cm (diameter) high traction pneumatic tires and pivoted casters. The speed can be adjusted continuously from snail's speed up to 6.5 km/h (180 cm/sec). The robot is equipped with ultrasonic and infrared sensors for obstacle avoidance and can be programmed to maneuver autonomously or semi-autonomously in complex real world environments. With the basic software built using behavior-based AI theory, 8 hours of continuous autonomous operation with 30 kg payload is possible. Optional vision system allows experiments on free space detection and landmark-based navigation. There is a choice of several on-board processors: the default PC/104 processor, MC68332 single chip computer, a notebook PC, the Korebot board, and PIC(s), to meet the needs of experiments.


Processor: PC/104 processor
Optional Motorola MC68332, 32bit microcontroller
Optional XSCALE PXA-255 processor
Optional MC6811 and/or PIC for peripheral processing
Basic Sensors: 8 ultrasonic sensors
10 active IR sensors
Tactile sensors in front and rear bumpers
Standard I/O: 2 serial ports for program download and remote control
6 digital inputs
8 digital outputs
6 analog inputs
Total number of extendable inputs/outputs are 192 (option)
Size: width: 58 cm (23 inches)
length: 65 cm (26 inches) including bumper
height: 31 cm (12 inches)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs) including batteries
Payload: 115 kg (253 lbs) maximum
Top speed: 2 m/sec
Batteries: 12 V, U-1 (x2), 32Ah
Run time: 8 hours of running on smooth surface (with 30 kg payload)
Motor Output: 350W x 2


Processor Options:
  • Standard Processor - Pentium III based PC/104 board
  • Vesta board - Motorola 32bit MC68332
  • KoreBot board - 400 MHz ARM processor based board
  • Laptop PC or PC
Main Options:
  • Video camera/transmitter/receiver
  • Wireless ethernet
  • Remote control transmitter/receiver
  • Vision based navigation
  • People following/people avoiding system
  • Light source following/avoidance software package

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