• Compact size and shape suitable for Khepera
  • A simple protocol from the main processor controls the grippers
  • Detect objects between the grippers, maximum size of the object is 40 mm
  • Measures the electrical resistance of the gripped object
  • The object can be lifted and carried
  • Other turrets can be plugged on top of the gripper
  • Pass-through K-bus for additional turrets

Application Areas
  • Intelligent classification and sorting
  • Collective behavior
  • Object manipulation
  • Object transportation

  1. LEDs
  2. Serial line (S) connector
  3. Reset button
  4. Arm
  5. Gripper
  6. Break beam
  7. Resistivity sensor


Processor: Motorola 68HC11
RAM: 256 bytes
ROM: 2 Kbytes
Motion: 2 DC motors with absolute angle encoders
Sensors: Optical barrier inside the gripper for object detection, measurement of the electrical resistivity of the gripped object
Extension bus: The robot with a gripper turret can be expanded by new modules added on the K-Extension bus.
Size: 65 mm x 90 mm x 10 mm
Weight: Approximately 50 g

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