: : Aspects of Non-Cartesian Robotics

A new trend in robotics that began with the introduction of behavior-based artificial intelligence opens up the possibility of creating very fast, flexible, robust, efficient, animated, and economical robots, using methods much simpler than conventional robotic developments. These robots are fundamentally "open" in their design, and hence are amenable to incremental or evolutionary review of their functionality. Robots with such characteristics may be called non-Cartesian robots because of the strong underlying differences in philosophical background from conventional robotics. Most efforts to describe and formalize the cause and theoretical aspects of those desirable characteristics are still speculative, and at best tentative. However, after almost a decade of research and development in the field, the effort for the application of a new form of robot is progressing at a steadfast rate, some almost reaching the realm of a practical real world application. Using examples, this paper examines each of the desirable characteristics of robots implemented on behavior-based or non-Cartesian principles.

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